UK: Hospital investigating possible confidentiality breach

Emily Roberts reports:

Personal details about women who have had a stillbirth appear to have mistakenly been published online by the trust which runs Basingstoke hospital.


Three reviews were published in two different documents in June and July, providing details including the date and time of the stillbirth, the women’s age and BMI, the gender and weight of their baby, and detailed medical history including previous miscarriages and pregnancy terminations, as well as an in-depth report of their pregnancy and birth.

Read more on Basingstoke Gazette.

That is a seriously distressing confidentiality breach that went on for weeks and would have gone on longer if not for the Gazette contacting the trust to inquire about it.

I wonder how many women may not have told family or partners about the pregnancy to begin with and will now find themselves in very awkward or distressing situations. Are all the women even being notified?

The matter has been reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office.


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