UK Islamist Hamza Tzortzis “found” in leaked Ashley Madison database

It could be very dirty (clever) politics to create Ashley Madison accounts for people you might want to discredit politically – particularly when the site doesn’t verify email addresses.

And that’s what a UK Islamist preacher, Hamza Tzortzis, claimed happened to him. When he learned his name was in the leaked database, he took to his Facebook page to explain that it was an “obvious case of fraud.”

The main problem he’s having is that not everyone believes his claims because although some information about him would be publicly available, the Ashley Madison site had his credit card number, and the account went on for months.

In response, Tzortzis allegedly deleted the snarky or skeptical comments from his Facebook page and further clarified that some of the activities on Ashley Madison are permissible under Islam (even though he didn’t partake of them).

He currently continues to deny the account was his and claims to have filed a police report.

Read about it on Breitbart.

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