UK: ISP Netcom Hacked, Data Leaked after refused help by #NullCrew

Over the past days hacker group #NullCrew have been leaking dump after dump from many different sites. It appears while this was going on they had also accessed a English based ISP, netcom. As a result of this attack they claim they have contacted netcom about the breach and as a result they were simply told to "fuck off". The leak was announced via twitter and posted to and contains a database dump which has administration and user accounts details.

manst0rm ‏@manst0rm Netcom hacked by #NullCrew @Cyber_War_News @TheHackersNews @EduardKovacs @BreakTheSec @SecurityXploded @OzDataCenta

The account details are in the format of emails, usernames, encrypted passwords, user address and phone numbers and other information. All together there was 70 accounts with emails which have been processed by

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