UK: KCL staff offered emotional support, clergy chat to help get over data loss

This might seem more appropriate on Saturday Night Live as a skit, except that it’s not a joke. Alexander J. Martin reports that King’s College London is offering its staff “counseling and prayers to help them get over the data loss suffered during October’s catastrophic IT failure.”

The latest missive from management, which stresses it is “particularly mindful” of the personal impact of the data loss, is particularly mindfully beautiful.

Again seen by The Register, the missive informs staff that if they would like support in processing “the personal or emotional impact” of the data loss, then they should rest assured that their data has been discovered to be recoverable extra resources have been shunted at the university’s counselling service.

“In addition,” the chirpy message adds: “The Chaplaincy offers a confidential listening service to all staff and students. The Chaplaincy has arranged two special drop-in sessions where people can either speak to a Chaplain 1:1, or share experiences with other people affected.”

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