UK: Kinver headteacher apologizes after confidential pupil documents found in field

Dan Sharp reports:

A headteacher has issued a heartfelt apology after confidential documents about pupils were found blown across the school’s field.

Documents profiling seven students with special educational needs (SEN) from Kinver High School and Sixth Form were discovered by village resident Ian Macey while he was out walking his dog.

The Individual Learning Profiles (ILPs) included the name of the child, their date of birth, why they are on the SEN register and what the school is doing to help them.

Read more on Stourbridge News.

Somewhat disturbingly, the individual who found the papers videotaped them and uploaded them to a Facebook page – which exposed the students’ information to others. Apparently he hadn’t been aware that the students would be recognized by the paperwork on them. UPDATE AND CORRECTION: See correction in the Comments section by the individual who uploaded the video. apologizes for misunderstanding how the recognition occurred.

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  1. Ian Macey - September 11, 2015

    Non were recognised from the paperwork ,!it was reading the first name of one of the profiles to which a mother commented she could recognise the pupil minutes after the link from my YouTube channel was posted to the local fb page , get your facts right please . I should have just stated pupil A , B etc.. If I’d have gone to the school and gifted them the data back , do you think the ico would have know? I have zero confidence in the local police either , i made a mistake I rushed it without getting advice first , nothing was visible from the reports , a mother recognised the pupil because he had a not so common first name . I took this action because I care , and found what I read disgusting and patronising not only to the pupils but also the parents , highlighting disruptive behaviour , and blaming parents .

    • Dissent - September 12, 2015

      Thanks for clarifying what happened. I’ve corrected the post, and my apologies for the misunderstanding. You certainly meant well.

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