UK: Laptop and files with confidential information about Aberdeen children stolen

Paper documents and a laptop holding personal details about youngsters in the Granite City were taken when a car was stolen.

Councillor Alex Nicoll, who sits on the education and children’s services committee, said: “I’m obviously concerned that this has happened.

Read more on Aberdeen Journals Ltd. Thankfully, the laptop was encrypted and the stolen car was recovered with the laptop and papers in it. The incident occurred last year, and had not been reported to the committee. It only became publicly known following a freedom of information request.

We shouldn’t have to file under freedom of information to find out about breaches. They should be disclosed transparently so that we can all find out what’s going on with data protection. It’s not enough to just notify those immediately affected. As a society, we have an interest in data protection and the extent to which we are all at risk.

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