UK law: Ethical hackers urged to respond to Computer Misuse Act reform proposals

Alex Scroxton reports:

Ethical hackers, security researchers and consultants, and the community at large are being urged to step up and make their voices heard as the government explores a series of proposed changes to the Computer Misuse Act (CMA) of 1990.

The long-awaited consultation, which has been running since February, is seeking views on a number of legislative changes, including giving new powers to law enforcement agencies and closing existing loopholes that make it easier for malicious actors to get away with misusing purloined data.

However, when the consultation was launched, campaigners who want to see the law reformed to better protect cyber security professionals from prosecution under outdated sections of the 33-year-old CMA were left disappointed because rather than lay out concrete proposals for the community to consider, the government merely said more work was needed on this point.

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