UK: Man charged over hacking attempts involving universities and Kent Police

Cambridge News reports:

A man has been charged with cyber attacks on the websites of Cambridge University.

Lewys Martin, 20, is also accused of cyber attacks on the websites of Oxford University, and Kent Police.

Martin, of Walmer, Kent, faces charges relating to the theft and use of personal data and allegedly failing to disclose passwords to encrypted equipment.

The charges follow an inquiry by Kent Police’s special branch investigations team and the force’s digital forensic unit.

Read more on Cambridge News. The BBC also provides coverage, but no real additional details.

This is not Martin’s first run-in with the law. Back in May, he was entenced to 18 months for stealing “Call of Duty” gamers’ credit card numbers and other  data and selling it to others. He was able to steal the gamers’ data by creating a trojan that masqueraded as a patch for Call of Duty.  MSNBC reported that Lewys’ rap sheet went back to May 2011, and he had been arrested on two occasions for attempting to steal computer equipment from South Kent College and Walmer Science College. According to MSNBC’s report in May, police officers raided Martin’s home after the burglaries and discovered more than 300 credit card details and passwords.

None of the current media reports indicate which attacks on Kent Police, Cambridge University, and Oxford University are allegedly Martin’s doing, but the fact that he’s charged with the theft and use of personal data suggests at least one of his attacks succeeded on some level. Hopefully, we’ll learn more as the case progresses.

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