UK: Missing secret data scandal

A whole bunch of breaches, some of which we never knew about at the time, some involving patient records, some involving employee records. Some of the bigger non-patient ones were reported on at the time and can be found by searching that site.

HIGHLY sensitive child protection papers are among scores of documents and computer records lost by Westcountry officials in the past three years, writer WMN chief reporter Andy Greenwood.

The child protection case minutes – from meetings between social services, healthcare providers and the police – were lost by Devon Primary Care Trust in December last year.

It admitted the blunder – and 10 others – after a Freedom of Information Act request from the Western Morning News. It said the documents were sent in the post to social services but were never received.


The most number of incidents were reported at North Devon District Hospital – 38 in all. It said the majority of the incidents involved physical records and loss was often temporary without “breach of confidentiality”.

However, it admitted that on seven occasions, confidentiality had been breached.

Some 25 problems were recorded by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, including patients being given paperwork containing other patients details, correspondence going missing, e-mails containing personal information being sent to the wrong people and files being found unattended within the hospital.

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