UK: MoD accidentally releases secret Nato military manual

Rob Edwards reports:

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has accidentally released a secret NATO report with codewords, ciphers, co-ordinates, radio frequencies and a host of other “special instructions” for huge war games under way around Scotland.

An MoD official mistakenly circulated a manual for planned air operations during major military exercises involving more than a dozen countries. Joint Warrior 161 is currently being played out around Scotland, while Griffin Strike 16 is taking place around the southwest coasts of England and Wales.

The 192-page manual, marked “NATO restricted” on every page, was sent by email to fishing and ferry operators on March 29. They were meant to receive a guide to when, where and how shipping areas might be affected during the exercises.

Read more on Herald Scotland.

h/t, Catalin Cimpanu

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