UK: MoD loses a staggering 340 laptop computers in TWO YEARS…and most of them were not encrypted

The Ministry of Defence has lost or had stolen 340 laptops worth more than £600,000 in the last two years, figures reveal today.

A total of 593 CDs, DVDs and floppy disks, 215 USB memory sticks, 96 removable hard disk drives and 13 mobile phones have also disappeared from the department since the release of a scathing report into MoD data losses.

Only one in five of the hi-tech devices that disappeared was encrypted, leading security experts to criticise the ‘cavalier attitude’ to the protection of data.

Read more in the Daily Mail, where they print the results of the full survey. The survey results generally do not indicate how many devices contained personally identifiable information, but this entry caught my eye, as I don’t remember any media reports involving this agency:

Foreign and Commonwealth Office – six official laptops containing personal data.

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