UK: Morrisons denies liability as data leak case nears court for more than 100 Peterborough employees

The Peterborough Telegraph reports:

Lawyers acting on behalf of several thousand Morrisons’ employees, including more than 100 from Peterborough, say they will “vigorously contest” the retailer’s assertion that it wasn’t to blame for a data leak which led to their personal details being posted on the internet.

Bank, salary and National Insurance details of almost 100,000 members of staff were sent to newspapers and data sharing websites in what is believed to be the biggest such leak in British corporate history.


In addition, Mr McAleenan said that the retailer has not accepted that staff have suffered any distress as a result of having their details leaked.

Read more on Peterborough Telegraph.

That last bit really rankles, I’m sure. Morrison’s is shooting itself in the foot with some of its employees by not being more supportive, and this lawsuit is not good for its reputation.  This is one of those cases that should settle, and if they’re smart, settle fast.

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