UK: Morrisons employee accused of leaking data on 100,000 supermarket staff because he bore a “grudge” against company (updated)

Sometimes it takes a while before we learn the motivation for an insider breach. This week, the motivation in the Morrisons breach was presented in court. The Echo reports:

Morrisons employee from Liverpool posted sensitive, personal data relating to almost 100,000 of the supermarket’s staff on the internet and sent it to newspapers due to a “grudge”, a jury has been told.

Prosecutors said Andrew Skelton, 43, leaked the information in response to a warning he was given after the company found out he used the mail room at Morrison’s HQ, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, to send out eBay packages.

The data breach cost the company more than £2m to rectify, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Data containing information including salaries, National Insurance numbers, dates of birth and bank account details were sent to The Guardian, Trinity Mirror Newspapers and the Bradford Telegraph & Argus last year, prosecutor Katherine Robinson told a jury. It was also uploaded to data sharing websites.

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Update July 20: He was found guilty by the jury.

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