UK: One member of staff sacked and another reprimanded after data breaches at Northampton General Hospital

Nick Spoors reports:

One member of staff was sacked and another severely reprimanded for accessing details of Northampton General Hospital patients they were not treating, a new report reveals.

The report on data breaches at NGH in 2011, said measures were now in place to guard against information falling into the wrong hands, but warned potential harm could have been caused several times last year.

The hospital said on one occasion, a member of staff accessed the record of “an acquaintance” who was also a patient then told them they now knew their personal information, including contact details.

The hospital was tipped off by a third party and the subsequent investigation later found the access was unauthorised, and the staff member was dismissed. On a separate occasion, a member of staff viewed a family member’s clinical information that was held on computer.

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