UK: Operation Vulcanalia targets users of netspoof website attack tool

From an NCA press release today:

Twelve people have been arrested as part of a National Crime Agency operation targeting customers of website crippling software which can cost as little as £4.

Netspoof stresser was a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) programme that disabled web servers and websites by flooding them with massive amounts of data.

Netspoof subscription packages ranged from £4 to £380 – with some customers paying more than £8,000 to launch hundreds of attacks.


Warrants executed this week included:

– A 27-year-old male from Hamilton, Scotland, was arrested and charged with offences under the Computer Misuse Act.

– A 23 year-old-male from Barry was arrested by Tarian the Wales ROCU.

– Titan, the North West ROCU, arrested an 18 year-old male from Lancashire and a 22 year-old male from Rhyl, North Wales.

– The NCA arrested a 30 year-old male from Peterborough.

– Zephyr, the South West ROCU, arrested one man.

– SEROCU, the South East ROCU, arrested a 20 year-old male from Wokingham, a 20 year-old male from Portsmouth and a 22 year-old male from Milton Keynes.

SOURCE: National Crime Agency


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