UK: Patient records left in Stafford Hospital car park

Confidential records of patients at Stafford Hospital have been found in the Accident and Emergency car park.

Bosses at Stafford Hospital have said such incidents are rare and confirmed any breaches of security would be taken seriously.

Brenda and Stephen Yeomans, bo th 46, were visiting Brenda’s father on Wednesday evening when they saw a silver Mercedes pull away while still having papers on top of the car. As the car drove off, the papers blew off, but the driver failed to realise and did not stop.

Mrs Yeomans. from Chasetown, picked the documents up which listed consultations for 15 patients.

It’s personal patient records — very confidential information. I’m shocked,” she said.

“All the names, addresses and national insurance numbers for 15 patients are on the papers. On some of the records it says one of the patients lives alone — not information you want to fall into the wrong hands.

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