UK: Personal files abandoned at derelict nursery

Rhys Thomas of the Hucknall Dispatch reports:

Personal files of more than 100 parents and children were left behind in an apparently shocking disregard for privacy when a Hucknall nursery moved premises.

The discovery was made at the derelict former site of the Rocking Horse Day Nursery, on Watnall Road, after a tip-off to the Dispatch from an alarmed dad this week.


The documents included bank details on standing-order forms that parents had set up to pay for their children to go to the nursery.

On the forms – and still clearly legible – were names, account numbers, bank addresses and sort codes, plus the home and work telephone numbers of parents.

Also found were hundreds of forms detailing the types of medicine, and its dosage, some children needed to take.

Information on parents’ names and addresses, as well as the dates of birth of their children, were on other forms.

There were also pages of information on accidents the children had suffered while at nursery and induction forms containing the start-dates of Rocking Horse children.

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