UK: PSNI to pay £20k in damages to Special Branch officer whose details were stolen in Castlereagh police station raid

It was a worrying breach, and a good reminder that some breaches can literally put people’s lives at risk:

A retired Special Branch officer whose details were stolen in the break-in at a top security base in Belfast is to receive just over £20,000 in damages, a High Court judge ruled today.

Mr Justice Horner set the level of compensation based on the impact that the raid on Castlereagh police station had on the ex-constable’s mental health.


He had retired from the police more than a year before intruders broke into a Special Branch office at Castlereagh on St Patrick’s Day 2002.

They escaped with sensitive files believed to have related to officers and their agents inside paramilitary ranks.

Millions of pounds was spent re-housing officers and others whose security was compromised by the episode.

Read more on Belfast Telegraph.

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