UK: Scores of blunders sees Norfolk councils breach data laws over confidential information

Freedom of information requests are useful tools for uncovering breaches. Dan Grimmer reports on what one such investigation revealed:

Personal information about some of the most vulnerable people in the region has been lost, misused or mistakenly shared because of a string of blunders at local councils, new statistics have shown.

The catalogue of mistakes included a document containing confidential information about a Norfolk child in care being found in a street, while details of vulnerable elderly people in care in Cambridgeshire had to be retrieved from a bin.

A number of investigations are still underway at Norfolk County Council after “sensitive” information was “released inappropriately”, while Cambridgeshire County Council accidentally sent letters meant for a psychologist to the parents of the person the letters were about.

Read more about what the FOI inquiry revealed on EDP 24.

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