UK: Secret report on ContactPoint database found ‘significant risks’ to security

Martin Beckford and Heidi Blake report:

A secret report on Labour’s controversial child protection database found “significant risks” to security.

The official study, which ministers refused to publish for more than two years, disclosed that “residual” dangers remained in ContactPoint despite efforts to make the system safe.

It pointed out that security standards differed at councils using the online register of all 11million children in England, while the personal information it contained could be leaked if old computers were sold on eBay.


The confidential Deloitte “security review” confirms fears that vulnerable young people could have been put at greater risk by ContactPoint, rather than being protected by it.

It states: “It should be noted that risk can only be managed, not eliminated, and therefore there will always be a risk of data security incidents occurring.”

The study found the security processes used by IT departments at local authorities “pose a significant risk to ContactPoint and its assets”, as they do not reach a “recognised standard”.

Read more in the Telegraph.

So ContactPoint has major security concerns and the NHS Summary Care Record system has major security concerns. What is going on in the UK with respect to security of large government databases??

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