UK: Security breach at Castle Huntly prison as confidential files go missing after being binned by wardens

David Taylor reports:

Files containing the personal information of prisoners, including Tommy Sheridan, are missing.. after being put in the bin by mistake.

Staff at Castle Huntly jail threw out confidential paperwork weeks ago but forgot to shred it.

When they went back to do it, the files had mysteriously disappeared.

The missing information included phone numbers, addresses and personal details of dozens of prisoners recently released from the open prison near Dundee.

Among the files are thought to be those of former MSP Sheridan.

Read more on The Daily Record.

Update:  The Mirror seems to have removed the story and not just moved it. Not sure what that’s all about.

Update March 7:  The Mirror’s article is still missing, but the Scotland Courier posted the story today but notes that the prison service denies that Sheridan’s papers were involved.

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