UK: Shredded patient records deliver a gift-wrapped data breach

Tony Collins reports:

A Leicestershire businesswoman discovered shredded records of NHS patients, with some information still showing, in packaging material used to protect gift boxes.

The records originated from Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Cambridge, which is investigating the incident.

Kerry Wilkinson of PennyDog Jewellery in Rothley, Leicestershire, found the patient records when she took delivery of the boxes and bags for her gift-wrapping service.

It appears that the records were sent by the hospital to a solicitor which acts for patients, and were inadequately shredded before they turned up at the jewellers for use as packing for gift boxes


It’s unfortunate that the hospital may get its name associated with this breach, as it seems that it is the unnamed solicitors who may not have adequately protected the personal information.

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