UK: Social worker shared confidential details of someone in care on Facebook

Robert Harries reports:

A social worker from Carmarthenshire has admitted sharing information on Facebook that revealed confidential details about someone receiving care, a Social Care Wales hearing has heard.

Sharon Rosemary Williams also rolled a cannabis joint in a video posted online when she was employed by Carmarthenshire Council.

Miss Williams, who had been registered as a social worker since January 2016, was present at the online fitness to practice hearing, which began on Monday, to answer five specific allegations which were put to her by the chair of the independent hearing.

Read more on Wales Online. If you read all the charges, they all sound clearly violative of professional ethics and duties.  Miss Williams reportedly admitted to all of the allegations but

denied one claim against her which was that she lacked integrity with regards to her conduct.

I’m not sure what lack of integrity means to her.  Maybe she meant to say that under normal circumstances, she demonstrates integrity, but that she was under extraordinary emotional stress during that period and was not coping well?

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