UK: Solent NHS Trust patient data left at market stall

Katie Grant reports:

Patients’ confidential information has been left at a market stall and on top of a parking meter in a series of data breaches by Solent NHS Trust.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request by the BBC revealed the trust had breached data protection 93 times in the past two years.

Michael Parr, director of finance and performance, said it was “regrettable”.

He assured patients the trust took their responsibilities regarding sensitive information “very seriously”.

Read more on BBC.

And well, no, Mr. Parr.  I don’t agree that the trust is taking its responsibilities “very seriously” if it’s had 93 breaches in the past two years. In fact, it’s not taking its responsibilities any kind of serious at all.  And since the trust is involved in providing mental health services, any breach can have harmful effects on the individuals involved.

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