UK: Solicitor caught dumping client files in the street

The SRA has fined a solicitor for dumping rubbish bags containing client information outside his office.

Trevor Nicholas Senkatuka was the sole practitioner of the now-defunct firm, Windsor Croft Solicitors, in Essex. The local council fined him for fly-tipping on the pavement outside his office. Council workers took photographs of the bags which revealed that they contained private client information.

“The public would not expect a solicitor to put client information at risk in this way,” said the SRA in its decision.

Read on RollonFriday. The SRA is the Solicitors Regulation Authority. And while this site is pleased to see that they took some action against the solicitor for the breach of confidentiality by dumping client records, the report says the solicitor was (only) fined £2,000 and ordered to £600 in costs. This site wishes a steeper monetary penalty had been levied to send the message about data protection.

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