UK: Teenage hacker behind 1.7 million cyber attacks faces jail

Oops. I  missed this one when Tristan Kirk first reported it:

A notorious teenage hacker who was the brains behind more than 1.7 million cyber attacks around the world is facing jail.

Adam Mudd, 19, sold access to his Titanium Stresser programme, allowing users to crash websites and computers by overloading them with requests.

He is believed to have made more than £300,000 before his 18th birthday through subscriptions to his programme, which fueled 1,738,828 cyber attacks around the globe between September 2013 and March last year.

Mudd designed the distributed denial of service (DDoS) software from his bedroom when he was just 15, first roadtesting it by crashing the West Herts College’s website while he was studying computer science there.

Read more on The Evening Standard.

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