UK: Tesco data thief must return from Lithuania for sentencing

From the hey-fella-wanna-come-back-so-we-can-sentence-you-please? dept:

A rogue supermarket worker who stole sensitive customer data from his employers is to be called back from Lithuania.

Thomas Wengierow was absent from Dundee Sheriff Court on Friday, where he would have faced sentencing for a serious breach of the Data Protection Act.

The 47-year-old delved into databases while working at the Tesco Customer service Centre in Baird Avenue.

[…]As he tendered a guilty plea on his client’s behalf, Solicitor David Duncan said: “Mr Wengierow is obviously not present. He has had to return to Lithuania for a family matter.

“He has, however, no fixed return date. I will have to tell him that he must return.”

Ya think?

Read more on The Courier.

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