UK: UCL investigates ’email hack’ after mysterious ‘bello’ message from President is sent to students (UPDATED)

Robin De Peyer reports:

A leading London university today launched a cyber security investigation after students received a mystery email from its President saying simply: “bello”.

The account of University College London‘s Michael Arthur sent out the message to an “all students” address last night – prompting ridicule from those who received it.

Dozens of students responded to the message, including one who replied: “Bello? Is it me you’re looking for?” in a reference to the Lionel Richie hit “Hello”.

Read more on London Evening Standard.

Update: It seems that the reply-all problem continued for a while as UCL was slow to close down the list, but of note, there’s a report that some students found themselves subscribed to porn and Sarah Palin channels without their consent.

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