UK: University email disclosed data of students with disabilities

Zack Whittaker writes:

An email popped up on my Outlook earlier yesterday which nearly threw me off my chair.


The email discussed my exam arrangements for this summer’s finals, whereby I would have my seating arrangements changed to accommodate my disability. You can’t have someone shouting out the answers in the same exam hall as everyone else; much to everyone else’s dismay.

Quite simply, they had sent this email to 615 students in my academic department at the University of Kent; the same email which points out their own exam arrangements due to their disability, and they hadn’t used the blind carbon copy field (BCC:).

It’s rather clear to anyone that I have a disability. For crying out loud, some of my friends have developed ‘Zack radar’. They can hear me half way across campus, for goodness sakes.

But now I know the names of all the people in my academic department who have a disability.

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