UK: Woman’s suitcase containing ‘important work documents’ missing for WEEKS without trace after EasyJet ‘error’

Sophie Halle-Richards reports:

A woman has slammed EasyJet after claims her suitcase which contained important work documents still hasn’t been found – despite going missing from Manchester Airport over three weeks ago.

Melissa McGrath, 45, reported the bag missing after it failed to arrive in Greece for a work trip on May 31, but says the travel company still haven’t located the suitcase.

The mum, from Rochdale, claims the contents include ‘patient’s medical records’ and says the fiasco has caused her extreme stress, even fearing she could lose her job over it.

Read more at Manchester Evening News.


Bags going missing during air travel all the time, right? But what if they have patient records in them from work? While the traveler slams the airlines, should anyone be asking why someone would ever let such sensitive stuff out of their control at all? Could work have been accessed remotely without the need to take patient records? Should the records, if absolutely necessary to travel with, have been in the traveler’s carry-on luggage? When you know there can be screw-ups with luggage during travel, how much is on the airlines and how much is on the traveler?

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