UK:Patient records stolen – but patients not told

Nick Spoors of Northampton Chronicle reports:

The personal information of up to 100 Northampton NHS patients was lost after a community nurse’s motorbike was stolen – but the patients were never told, it has been revealed.

According to NHS Northamptonshire board papers released this week, the GP surgery-based nurse was visiting a home in Park Drive, Kings Heath, Northampton, when the loss happened.

She was travelling by motorbike so had stored a diary containing patients’ names and addresses in the seat of the bike, which was then stolen.


NHS Northamptonshire yesterday declined to reveal which GP surgery the nurse worked for.

But it did admit the loss, which happened in October 2008, was recorded as a Level 3 “serious untoward incident” on the NHS scale, which means between 20 and 100 patients were affected.

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