Ukrainian #Blizzard community hacked 19,000+ Accounts Leaked By #Anonymous

A Ukrainian based gaming community has been hacked and had a huge load of accounts leaked. The website is and the leak contains well over 19,000 accounts that have further details. Attacks like this should go as a warning to all administration who wish to run websites based on large community’s. If you wish to do so, please keep your software and scripts up to date as well as regular checks for new exploits which may result in stuff like this happening. The leak was announced via twitter from various anonymous accounts and posted the people liberation front pastebin. The leak contains no real message besides "About time you get you Content Management Systems updated son?!". At the bottom of that leak file is a link to a 7mb file that contains over 19,00 user account details with usernames, emails, passwords. We have also been tipped off to a further two files that contain administration tables and tables from world of war craft users. All files are in CSV format.

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