Ukrainian “Casher” Sentenced for Role in Worldpay Hacking Scheme

Evgeny Tarasovich Levitskyy, a/k/a Vinchenco, a/k/a Vinch, a/k/a M.U.R.D.E.R.E.R, was  sentenced on Thursday to 46 months in federal prison for conspiracy to commit bank fraud for his role as a “casher” (one who withdraws cash using stolen bank account information) in the 2008 hack of RBS WorldPay.

“The 2008 hack of RBS WorldPay was one of the world’s most sophisticated hacking and cashing schemes,” said U. S. Attorney John Horn. “The team of hackers not only stole financial data from an American payment processor’s private servers, they were able to work in concert with a team of cashers stationed around the world. The cybercriminals stole over $9 million dollars in 12 hours from 2100 ATMs worldwide.”

Read more on the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Georgia

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