Ukrainian cyber ​​police detain a hacker hiding in Ukraine from US law enforcement

The following is a Google translation from an article in Ukrainian on the site of Ukraine’s national police, announcing the arrest of an unnamed (but pictured) 32-year old suspected of stealing $6 million from U.S. banks.  If any reader recognizes him or has any idea who he is, please let me know via email to breaches[at]protonmail[dot]ch.

Within the framework of international legal assistance, employees of the Cyber ​​Police Department, the Criminal Investigation Department of the National Police and the Metropolitan Criminal Investigation Department, under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, detained a foreigner who was wanted in Kyiv for committing cyber crimes.

Image source: Ukraine National Police

An investigation into a foreigner’s criminal activity began as early as 2010 by officers of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and FNTT. In 2019, Ukraine received a request for international legal assistance in the search and arrest of a hacker.

At present, men are suspected of unlawful interference with computer systems, theft and money laundering of particularly large amounts and fraud.

Police detained the attacker in one of the most expensive capital hotels, where he temporarily lived. The issue of extradition of the US detainee is being addressed.

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