UK’s largest furniture retailer discloses cyberattack

Furniture Village is the UK’s largest independent furniture retailer, having 54 stores across the country. Yesterday, they issued a statement confirming that they had experienced a cyberattack.

Statement on cybersecurity attack
3rd June 2021

Frustratingly, our company was recently the target of a cybersecurity attack, however, by immediately implementing security protocols, including shutting down the affected systems, we were able to restrict the scope of the attack.

Thankfully, to the best of our knowledge, no personal data has been lost or compromised.

We’re working around the clock to restore all system-related functions of the business as soon as it’s safe to do so. Whilst we’re hugely disappointed that criminal enterprises have created this unwelcome distraction, we remain focused on supporting our customers, resorting to manual processes where necessary.

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. To anyone who may be temporarily affected, please be assured that our systems will be back up and running in the shortest time possible.

The Register reports:

Although its website remains up and running, this is not the case for the back end. The problems emerged last weekend on 29 May when Furniture Village admitted it was experiencing “technical issues” and it was unable to answer calls. This is still the case at the time of publication, 6 days later.

The company has not provided further details about the cyber attack.

In today’s threat landscape, it seems likely that this was a ransomware attack, but the company has not actually labeled it that. has not spotted this incident on any of the dedicated leak sites that this site routinely checks.

While a few customers are grumbling a bit on Twitter about delays in receiving orders, the bulk of comments have been very appreciative of FV’s drivers and employees during what is a very difficult week.


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