UMD-Baltimore updates Accellion breach notification after finding PII and PHI involved

On April 1, reported that the University of Maryland, Baltimore was one of the educational entities impacted by the CLOP hack and exfiltration of Accellion client data, but that neither UMD nor Accellion even knew that until the last week in March.

This week, the university issued an updated press release that reveals that personal and protected health information was involved after all. In their May 28 notice they write, in part:

The investigation is ongoing, but files varied by individual and included various types of data elements such as name, demographic information, birthdate, diagnosis, social security number, driver license, provider name, health and related benefit information.

UMB has notified and is continuing to notify affected individuals by mail at the last known address as our investigation identifies them. As always, individuals are being advised to remain vigilant and monitor financial account statements and credit reports carefully and report any discrepancies to law enforcement, and we encourage activation of fraud alerts and security freezes. UMB provides identity theft monitoring as required by law.

So to recap: Accellion had notified them that no sensitive data had been involved for them. Then UMD found data on CLOP’s leak site and start investigating. And now — almost 5 months after the initial attack on Accellion, they are first able to start notifying people.

UMD stopped using Accellion’s service in February.



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