United Opt Out attacked; site destroyed

Shame on whoever did this: someone attacked United Opt Out, an information resource and advocacy site for parents who want to opt their children out of mandated state tests/high stakes testing. The organization also resists “market-based reforms that seek to privatize and destroy public education.”

In a statement sent to DataBreaches.net, Peggy Robertson, one of the organization’s founders, writes:

Our site was attacked, and essentially corrupted from its internal databases. The hacker crippled every single SQL table, and left them unrepairable, and our site frozen and inaccessible to administrate.

The site’s databases did not include any personal information on children, although parents who left comments on the site had their email addresses stored in the databases.

Robertson writes that the attack was “absolutely devastating,” but says, “We will rebuild and come back even stronger.”

I hope they do.

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