United States Investigations Services (USIS) suffers major computer breach, officials say; DHS contractor

Ellen Nakashima reports:

A major U.S. contractor that conducts background checks for the Department of Homeland Security has suffered a computer breach that likely resulted in the theft of employees’ personal information, officials said Wednesday.

The company, USIS, said in a statement that the intrusion “has all the markings of a state-sponsored attack.”

The breach, discovered recently, prompted DHS to suspend all work with USIS as the FBI launches an investigation. It’s unclear how many employees were affected, but officials said they believe the breach did not affect employees outside DHS. Still, the Office of Personnel Management has also suspended work with the company “out of an abundance of caution,”a senior administration official said.

Read more on Washington Post, keeping in mind as you read the rest of her report that Anonymous claims that not only did China hack OPM in March, but it had hacked OPM, too. OPM has not confirmed nor denied that claim.

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