United States Navy Hacked, 170 Accounts Leaked by .c0mrade

The United states government and more so the navy have become targets to hackers yet again, this time the target has been the main navy website (https://www.navy.mil) and is being claimed by .c0mrade, the same hacker who has recent leaked data from habbo.com.br. The leak from the navy server contains a bit of mixed information as well as 170 accounts with encrypted passwords, but these have been cracked already and they was also uploaded to 3 mirrors. The orginal leak is a unlisted pastebin paste which can be found below. Results from the archives within this leak are: And results for emails found in the main leak are:   https://pastebin.com/H3WxpT9V Also if anyone knows who this .c0mrade is can they please contact as we would like to speak to them.

About the author: Lee J

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