Universal Music Portugal hacked and accounts leaked

It would seem that some one, unknown to us as we have searched and searched and can not confirm this or who they are, but they have claimed to of hacked Universal Music Portugal and dumped a load of accounts on to pastebin as well. When checking the Portugal website it is currently down showing the below message, the website universalmusic.pt. content/images/gallery/random3/universalmusic-pt_.png The leak contains minor database information emails, passwords and usernames. Sadly all passwords are in clear text which is just stupid. This hack also adds to the fire that anonymous has been taking out on all types of places that are in support for bills like SOPA and for take downs like the mega upload incident. statistics from leaked data: 

Valid 314
Duplicate’s 1
Already Stored 2
Top 4 Provider Result’s
Hotmails 87
LiveMail 2
Gmails 92
Yahoos 10
Total of 316 Emails Found

  Leak: https://pastebin.com/66vewaYP

About the author: Lee J

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