University of East Anglia leaks the names of students who have been sexually assaulted, suicidal and had abortions to the whole department

George Martin and Matt Howard report:

An email detailing confidential extenuating circumstances has been sent to every undergraduate student in the American Studies school at UEA, The Tab can exclusively reveal.

It contained information about several private issues, including one student with suicidal tendencies, one who had an abortion and one who had been sexually assaulted. The spreadsheet was sent to 320 AMA undergraduates enrolled in the school, naming every student next to their reason.

The Tab has been sent a copy of spreadsheet, however we will not be publishing any screenshots of it to preserve the integrity of concerned students.

Source: The Tab

The article also reports that the spreadsheet, “which includes 42 AMA undergraduates’ names and details for the extenuating circumstance, involves 26 mental health cases ranging from anxiety problems, depression and eating disorders, one case of attempted suicidal tendencies, one sexual assault and one abortion.”

 Yeah, I think this one qualifies as a contender for one of the worst breaches on 2017.

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