University of Hawaii-Manoa Breaches exposes sensitive info on 40,000 students

It’s bad enough when your system gets hacked. It’s worse when the breach is self-inflicted. This just in:

The University of Hawaii-Manoa has breached the personal information of 40,101 students who attended between 1990-1998 and 2001, including names, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, demographic, and detailed academic performance data. … The information was posted on an insecure, unencrypted University of Hawaii-West Oahu (UHWO) website for almost a year. …. This latest breach follows on the heels of a May, 2010 breach involving 53,000 students, and a 2009 breach involving 15,487 parents and students.


The majority of the 40,000+ records are in-depth student statistical data including things like Gender; Marital Status; Number of Dependent Children; Existence of a Physical, Hearing, Mobility, Learning, Psychological, Visual Disability or Traumatic Brain Injury; and Highest Level of Education Attained by each Parent.

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