University of Miami Health System Loses Records Including Social Security Numbers

Allie Conti reports:

The University of Miami Health System, one of South Florida’s largest health providers, has lost an indeterminate number of patient records including Social Security numbers and some health information.

The Healthy System has been quietly informing patients of the Department of Otolaryngology of the loss, which was discovered more than six months ago. Spokeswoman Lisa Worley declined to say how large the loss of information is, but it’s clear the records lost included name, date of birth, Social Security number, physician’s name, facility, insurance company name, medical record number, visit number, procedure and diagnostic codes.

Read more on Miami New Times. I do not see a copy of the notice, which Ms. Conti includes in her reporting, on U. Miami Health System’s website at this time.  Since, however, they indicate that they are notifying all affected patients and offering them credit monitoring services, it would appear that the number of patients is not “indeterminate” as much as “undisclosed.

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