University of Neoliberal Arts Hacked, Accounts Leaked

logo_philophysics The University of Neoliberal Arts has been put in the sights of hackers from NullCrew who have leaked data. Today after a while being quiet nullcrew returned with a spree of attacks on education based sites in the name of a operation dubbed #fuckthesystem. The University of Neoliberal Arts ( attack has been carried out to show support to anonymous from the nullcrew hacktivist. The breach was announced a short time ago from the @OfficialNull twitter account. > The University of Neoliberal Arts #OpFuckTheSystem #Hacked To support our Anonymous Support @YourAnonLive — NullCrew (@OfficialNull) June 28, 2013

The data leaked was posted to pastebin and contains 232 accounts but 86 are found to be duplicate leaving only 146 accounts. Information from the leak contains user names, email address, clear text passwords, addresses and contact numbers. The clear text passwords show that the system appears to be using a preset common password of "messageboard" which just shows how careless developers can be when making forum and website systems.

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