(Update) ALDI breach reports mushroom, customers in 11 states affected

The breach involving ALDI grocery stores is apparently larger than earlier reports suggested as reports trickle in from Pittsburgh and other areas. The chain has updated its statement on its website today:

October 1, 2010

ALDI Inc. recently learned that, from approximately June 1, 2010 to August 31, 2010, tampered payment card terminals were illegally placed in some ALDI stores, enabling unauthorized individuals to fraudulently obtain payment card information from a limited number of our customers. The tampered terminals were capable of capturing information such as name, card account number and PIN. We believe some terminals in a limited number of stores in the following areas may have been impacted:

Connecticut (limited to greater Hartford area)
Georgia (limited to greater Atlanta area)
Illinois (limited to greater Chicago area)
Indiana (limited to greater Indianapolis area)
New Jersey
New York (limited to greater Rochester area and Lower Hudson Valley)
North Carolina (limited to greater Charlotte and Raleigh areas)
Pennsylvania (limited to greater Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas)
South Carolina (limited to greater Charlotte area)
Virginia (limited to greater Washington, D.C. area)


ALDI says that they are a leader in the international grocery retailing industry, serving Europe, the USA and Australia and that they have over 1,000 stores in 29 states, serving 18 million customers each month.

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