Update: Baltimore County finds additional personal info on contents stolen from hard drive

An update to the breach reported in this blog entry. As if the breach wasn’t bad enough already, further investigation revealed:

… individual checking and bank routing numbers were also stolen.

Those particular files of 6,633 employees were also improperly copied from a County employee’s work computer on May 9, 2012. In a letter that will be mailed on Tuesday morning, those 6,633 employees will receive a letter informing them that their data was copied on this additional file.

This data was discovered in payroll files created in January and March of 2007 and contained the personal information of those employees who, on those dates, had their paychecks direct deposited into their bank accounts. The file also contained other data relevant to the employee including the employee’s name, County identification number, home address, the amount deposited into the employee’s account and social security number. No banking or routing information for employees hired after March 2007 was found on the suspect’s computers.

Read more on Baltimore News Journal.

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