(update) Bank of Ireland laptop theft affected 30,000

The number of Bank of Ireland customers affected by the theft of laptops last year has risen to over 30,000, RTÉ News reports.  You can read more on this at  RTÉ News.

Because the records also include medical information, it is not clear how many customers have now had their medical information stolen in this incident.

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  1. Anonymous - April 28, 2008

    Would somebody ask the b of I did it pay e4,000
    compensation to one customer for one incident of data exposure in 2005?

    The Sunday Trib had it buried in an article page 2 business section.

    I’m sure the 31,000 customers would be most interested in the response.

  2. Anonymous - April 28, 2008

    According to a press release from the Consumers’ Association of Ireland that was written before this most recent revelation that the numbers are more like 31,500:

    “The Consumers’ Association of Ireland (CAI) is today calling on the Bank of Ireland to pay compensation following the revelation this week that the personal financial and health information of 10,000 of their customers had been stolen through the theft of a number of laptops.

    Given the much more serious nature of the present data exposure CAI is calling for compensation for each of the consumers whose medical and financial information is now in the hands of criminals. CAI believes that there is already a precedent for this as the Bank of Ireland (BOI) reluctantly provided €4,000 compensation to a consumer for a single incident of data exposure in the past when a bank letter was incorrectly addresses (sic) and opened in error by the recipient.


    I don’t remember that one at all, to be honest. I’ve just sent out two inquiries, though, and if I do find out more, will post it.

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