(update) Belarus man pleads guilty to running identity theft site

Robert McMillan reports the latest development in a case previously mentioned on this blog:

A 26-year-old Belarusian man has admitted to running an identity theft website designed to thwart the antifraud measures used by many banks.

Until he was arrested in April 2010, Dmitry Naskovetz had been the mastermind behind CallService.biz, a website that helped more than 2,000 identity thieves commit fraud.


In onlline advertisements, CallService.biz claimed to have done over 5,400 of these confirmation calls. The company promoted its services on a so-called carding website, CardingWorld.cc, where stolen bank card information was bought and sold, prosecutors say.

CardingWorld.cc’s operator, Sergey Semasko allegedly helped Naskovetz set up the CallService.biz website in June 2007.

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