(update) Capitol Hill credit card fraud victim total nears 100, investigators suspect sniffers

jseattle provides the latest update on a string of fraud reports

As we were first to report that a Secret Service electronic crimes task force has made a major break in its investigation of a wave of credit card fraud emanating from Capitol Hill, reports of fraudulent charges continue to pile up. More than 40 additional reports were added in the Capitol Hill area on Monday bringing the tally since the wave first started to build to nearly 100. The latest map marking the approximate home or work location of the latest round of victims is below.


Elsewhere, Connie Thompson of KOMO reports that the cause of the fraud is probably not skimmers but POS compromise:

Investigators say they suspect scammers have been using what are know as “sniffers,” or other malware to intercept customer card information between the point of sale and the processing company.


In the newest Seattle case, police and Secret Service investigators say they’ve identified multiple points of compromise, and the businesses involved have upgraded their anti-virus software so the fraud cannot continue. The Electronic Crimes Task Force is pursuing leads on suspects, but the businesses involved are not being identified at this time.

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