(update) Computershare Says No Customer Data Exposed In Breach

Paul Roberts reports:

The investor services company told Threatpost that an investigation has determined that data stolen by a rogue employee didn’t contain shareholder data. However, the company still hasn’t retrieved two USB drives containing company email and documents that outline some of Computershare’s closely held business plans.

The statement came in response to a Threatpost report on Tuesday concerning an ongoing legal effort by the Australia-based firm to retrieve thousands of stolen, confidential documents from a former employee of the company’s Canton, Massachusetts office. Computershare had warned in its complaint that data on “millions of shareholders” could potentially be at risk.

In an e-mail statement to Threatpost, Computershare senior marketing manager Jeff Stein said that, since filing an amended complaint against former employee Kathyann Pace in March, the company has completed an internal investigation that no client or shareholder data was compromised in the theft.

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